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As an online marketing consultant, James advises NZ businesses on their online strategy, and handles everything from Adwords campaigns to Analytics implementation and SEO. He has a knack for fine-tuning online campaigns for better ROI and creating long-term success for our clients.

Is Your Slow Website Costing You Money?

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Most businesses love the idea of having a fast-loading website, but consider it a low priority.  There are so many other things to put time, energy and money into – surely site speed is just a cosmetic ‘nice to have’? As it turns out, site speed is much more important than most people think, and […]
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6 Great Reasons To Upgrade Your Website To Google Tag Manager

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Heard about Tag Manager, but don’t know if it’s suitable for your website?  Not sure if it’s really worth the hassle to upgrade? Google Tag Manager (GTM) is free software you can install on your website that will dynamically insert all your tracking tags – e.g. Google Analytics code, AdWords conversion code, Facebook tracking pixels […]
Google Tag Manager installation

5 Powerful Reasons Why Every Business Should Invest In Content Marketing

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In an increasingly competitive online world, the businesses who are really winning big are the ones investing time and effort into an activity we call ‘content marketing’. Content marketing is the process of creating interesting non-promotional content – i.e. content that doesn’t directly sell your products/services – and circulating that content online.  Here are a couple […]
content marketing

Creating A Plan: The Key To Succeeding With Online Marketing

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Every business, no matter how unusual, can take advantage of the vast reach offered by the internet – it’s simply a case of identifying where to put your time and energy. When businesses fail to see results online, it’s usually because they’ve tried a bunch of different tactics without having a proper strategy in place. […]