Online Advertising

What’s it all about?

Online advertising is the most direct way of bringing customers to your website. We’ll research your target markets and create a customised campaign of Adwords, display ads, social media ads, and anything else it takes to reach your target customers.

How does it work?

Adwords – those little text nuggets you see alongside Google’s search results – can be a huge source of clicks. If you’re looking to boost your business we’ll create a paid search campaign that’s closely aligned with your marketing plan.

But that’s just the beginning.

We can also help you with Google display ads and remarketing networks that insert your text ad or web banner into third-party websites. If you’ve ever searched for something online, and then noticed a succession of related ads following you around the web, you’ve just been targeted by a smart online marketer.


Because Insight Online is a certified Google Partner Provider, we can show you how to make the most of Adwords. We’ll save you time and help you maximise your investment in online advertising.

Our service includes finding the right search terms, crafting your paid search ads and setting up the campaign. We’ll also even ensure your landing pages are optimised to work with your ads, for a seamless customer experience.

We don’t just spend your money and walk away. Our online advertising packages include analytics (so you can see what’s working) and ongoing management (so you can keep it working).

What are the benefits?

  • Get more web traffic from customers you’ve identified as prime prospects.
  • Use a mix of Adwords, display ads, social media, display and remarketing channels to maximise leads.
  • Ongoing feedback and analytics to fine-tune and boost your campaign’s performance.

For seriously good help with your online advertising; Adwords, display ads, social media ads, and anything else it takes to reach your target customers,  give us a call today.

Call Kim on 09 887 9838 or 022 173 9131

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