SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

What’s it all about?

SEO is the art of standing out in the online crowd. It’s just one of the online marketing strategies used in digital marketing. We’ll crawl all over your website and check it for the things that stop search engines giving it a high ranking. Then we’ll come up with a plan to make sure your site is packed with content that customers (and search engines) love.

How does it work?

There’s a view in some quarters that SEO is about finding out what Google wants, and giving it to them.

It’s not. Smart SEO makes sure your site has the sort of content visitors rate highly. If they comment on it, share it, link to it, and keep coming back for more of it, Google will pick that up.

There’s some fancy maths behind this, but the point is that you can boost your search ranking by investing in strong content that people like. That’s why we say search is an ‘earned media channel.’

There are three stages we go through with SEO. The first is a technical audit to make sure your site is fully visible to the search engines. We’ll fix any flaws that are handicapping your site.

Next, we delve into the content. We’ll mine the keywords in your industry so we can see what people are searching for, and we’ll look to add content that attracts your target audiences.

The final stage is building your online authority. We’ll come up with a plan to boost your online influence and turn you into a centre of expertise for your industry. The goal: to attract your target audience, day after day, year after year.


SEO Results

What are the benefits?

  • Become a valued resource for people who want to spend money with you.
  • Grow organic traffic – the most valued form of online marketing.
  • Build trust and authority in your chosen markets.
  • Turn search into a strategic marketing channel for your business.


At Insight Online we see SEO as an important part of the marketing mix. Our object is not only to get more people to your website but also to convert visitors to leads. After all, isn’t that what you want? More leads?

We’ll also talk to you about how what you do online is being measured and we’ll make sure that is being done properly because we want to know that what we are doing is working for you. If you are serious about web marketing you need to treat it like any other part of your business and expect value for your marketing dollar. We do.

For seriously good help with your online marketing and for SEO services in particular, give us a call today.

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