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Get Started with Google Shopping – New Zealand Setup Guide

We’ve spent more than a few hours trudging through Google’s “help” guides, so that you don’t have to. 😉 We’re here to give you a clear, concise, straightforward walkthrough to get you started with Google Shopping in NZ. Table of Contents What do I need to get started? What is Google Shopping? What do Google…

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Update on Google Ads & Facebook SME Ad Credits

Google & Facebook Ad Credits for SMEs

There’s a lot going down in the world today. For many companies, marketing spend was the first item to be thrown out the window. Google and Facebook are going to come to the party. Both have announced a range of initiatives to help advertisers stay in touch with customers over the coming months and years.…

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Got A WordPress Website? Try These 3 Useful SEO Plugins!

Got a WordPress website? Check out 3 of our highly recommended plugins that will help with your SEO. User-friendly and very helpful, try them out today. YoastSEO Yoast is an awesome plugin and receives our highest recommendation. The key functionality Yoast offers is the ability to customise title tags and meta descriptions for any webpage.…

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Crash Course On Google Ad Grant Rules

As part of Google’s philanthropic initiatives, Ad Grants offer non-profit organisations around the world with up to $10,000 USD in ad spend each month.   Yes, straight up free money.   However, as in every other “free” scenario, there are stipulations.   Google have a range of rules accompanying the privilege of having an Ad…

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Our Experience With Facebook Lead Ads

facebook lead blog

We’re always keen to try new things, and it’s great when a client feels the same.   Earlier this year we ran a new campaign for a client with a high value B2C product, trialling Facebook lead ads. Our experiences helped cast a light on an ad format that Facebook “makes the lead generation process…

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