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Google’s “Page Experience Signals” to Launch May 2021

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There’s nothing special going on here. Well, not in the sense that you should be surprised. We might not know the specific things Google is implementing but the trajectory of the updates remains clear. Google is big business and, as with any business, it must please its clients. In 2019, Google spent 26 billion dollars…

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Heading Tags, Good For SEO But What If They Are The Wrong Size?

H1 Heading Tags Blog Images

Heading Tags (or ‘H Tags’) are generally the first visible text on a webpage. They are like a structural classification or category. Google uses content framed by H tags to understand the important aspects of the page. Many people relate them to headings in a newspaper. Traditionally they are like the main heading (H1), the…

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5 SEO Blogs That Are Worth A Look

SEO Blogs

The goal of all search engines is to provide the right answer to the user. While it’s useful to know what Bing and other search engines are doing there is no doubt that Google dominates the world of search. So while SEO blogs cover factors that will be useful for all search engines the major…

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What Is SEO? How Does Google Understand A Website?

seo marketing

It’s all just ‘semantics’ I’m told. When we ‘nit-pik’ or ‘get in to the detail’ in a discussion, that’s semantics; Googles quest for information, when it digs to very deep levels and interprets the signs and information provided to get a real sense of a website’s purpose and intent. That’s semantics. se· man· tics |…

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