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YouTube Advertising

  YouTube or video advertising in general is, in our opinion, one of the most undervalued advertising channels in New Zealand today. The cost of attention on YouTube is often around $0.10 per view and for $100/month, the brand awareness you can get is ridiculous (Approx. 1,000 views). This is a strong channel for presenting…

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Native Advertising – Outbrain

Native advertising platforms are popular as businesses realise that the hard sell needs to be backed up with content that is informative, entertaining and/or relevant. Platforms like Outbrain allow businesses to reach and promote that content to large numbers of people, via ads that mimic links to real (non-paid) content on news and content websites. Outbrain…

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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads Blog Reader

Google Shopping was originally developed by a kiwi! Craig Nevil Manning created it over at Waikato University and it used to be called Froogle. It relaunched in New Zealand in February 2017. It’s a product-based advertising channel which features at the top of search results for relevant product searches. Each of your products can appear…

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Google Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing is a love/hate channel. As an advertiser, the functionality is brilliant. If people land on my site, I can show them ads after they leave?? Awesome. As a user, ads that follow me everywhere can be bloody annoying and disconcerting. Does anyone remember the anonymity of the internet? However, if done right, in…

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Did Your Google Ads Have A Sudden Drop In Performance?

Your campaign is tracking along merrily, then you go to check on it one day and performance has plummeted! WTF? Your heart sinks. Today was meant to be such a nice day. I’ve had this happen to me a few times over the years so I can absolutely relate to what you’re going through. In…

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