Moving Websites? Don’t Forget Your SEO!

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Like all things, websites need to be updated from time to time. Sometimes it’s a simple design refresh where you’re updating your look and other times, it’s a brand new website. This is an exciting time! But don’t forget the SEO implications to your organic search channel. Let’s break it down: Organic search traffic comes […]

Is Your Slow Website Costing You Money?

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Most businesses love the idea of having a fast-loading website, but consider it a low priority.  There are so many other things to put time, energy and money into – surely site speed is just a cosmetic ‘nice to have’? As it turns out, site speed is much more important than most people think, and […]
website speed

UNPACK: How long does it take to get results from Paid Search or SEO?

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The three main types of online media are paid, earned and owned. Each of them have different timelines in terms of results. Paid Advertising Paid advertising (such as the popular Google Adwords) can be created and launched very quickly. You can theoretically have a paid campaign running in a few hours and reaching your target […]

I’ve been advised to buy links to “help my SEO”, should I?

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Simple answer, no. Don’t be duped by people claiming to get you thousands of links to improve your search engine ranking. Google is now quite adept at telling which links are relevant to a specific topic or not, and paid bulk links will generally be a waste of money, make your site look spammy, and will […]

UNPACK: What does SEO mean? And how is it different from SEM?

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website for search engines in two ways. The first way is making sure that search engines know what your website is about and therefore, can rank it for relevant searches. The second way is increasing the online authority and trust of your website, so that search […]

5 Powerful Reasons Why Every Business Should Invest In Content Marketing

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In an increasingly competitive online world, the businesses who are really winning big are the ones investing time and effort into an activity we call ‘content marketing’. Content marketing is the process of creating interesting non-promotional content – i.e. content that doesn’t directly sell your products/services – and circulating that content online.  Here are a couple […]
content marketing
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