Google Analytics

What are the benefits?

  • Google tracking which tells you who is visiting your website
  • Ability to monitor and improve your marketing campaigns
  • Ability to improve the usability and user-friendliness of your website


Get our help with:

  • Google Analytics setup and configuration

Getting Google Analytics code onto your website is just the first step. Data coming into analytics is not always correct off the bat. It also needs to be configured to your business and your goals. We get you set up the right way from the start.

  • Google Tag Manager setup and configuration

Tag manager gives control back to a marketing manager. It allows you to setup and configures tools and tracking tags through one interface. Need a Facebook tracking pixel? Implementing Hotjar? No problem. And, of course, setting up Google Analytics and Google Remarketing is a breeze.

  • Google Analytics audit

Maybe you already have Google Analytics running. Or it’s been running for a long time but you’ve added new forms and functionality to your website. We can come in and review your analytics and make sure that you’re tracking everything you should be.

  • Google Data Studio reports

Google Data Studio is a new reporting tool that integrates with Google Adwords and Analytics. We love it. It’s a reporting tool that allows you to generate reports automatically from any number of data sources. If you want to save time on your reporting, create new reports for stakeholders or want more transparency from your agency. Google Data Studio can help.

  • Call tracking and analytics integration

Call tracking is another link towards a better understanding of your ROI. If calls are the main method of contact for your business, we highly recommend setting up call tracking so you have visibility on these calls and which marketing channels drove them.


We love analytics because it tells us when we’re on track and what we need to do to reach the next level. We think you’ll love it too.

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