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Marketing Yarns | Chatting with Andrew from Box

Andrew and Kim discussing marketing

Insight was fortunate enough to book some time with Andrew for a chat about all things marketing with Box. This was a few days before we all went into Level 4 lockdown. Sorry for the delay in posting this up guys, it’s been an interesting time over the past few weeks to say the least!…

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Why have my leads dropped? | Story Time Ep 2

We know you’ve been waiting for it…here’s story time episode 2! Kim talks about a client who’s leads have dropped by half in a month. He talks about how to find the core issue, what we would suggest and his final thoughts. Video Transcript Hey guys. So I’ve got another one for you. So a…

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Why aren’t We Ranking for “X”? | Story time Ep 1

We help our Marketing Managers with the tough questions they get asked at work.  As apart of a new storytime series, we’ll be sharing some of these questions, what we told them and, if possible, what happened next….   Okay guys, so yesterday a friend of mine came to me, one of our clients, let’s…

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Video Advertising On YouTube & Facebook

you yube

Should you be using video as apart of your marketing strategy? We share our results from our last campaign. Transcript Hey guys, today I just wanted to make you a really short video about using videos as a medium. I want to tell you that although the cost of producing a video might be slightly…

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