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We offer a variety of search marketing services carefully tailored to your business, your goals & your people.

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We offer a variety of online marketing services carefully tailored to your business and your goals.

What is schema markup?

Schema markup is a form of code language which can you help to optimise your website for SEO. Schema allows you to succinctly provide Google exact details about your business and website. This helps Google to easily understand the semantics of your webpages, such as what products/services you offer, or what a blog article is about, and giving your pages the best possible chance to rank in the organic search results. ...
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2019 MeasureCamp Auckland Recap

Last Saturday, Jody and I attended MeasureCamp, an Analytics unconference held at TVNZ and this was the second year it was being held. ...
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Video Advertising On YouTube & Facebook

Should you be using video as apart of your marketing strategy? We share our results from our last campaign. ...
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What are Google Search Ads?

There are over 3.5 billion searches conducted on Google each day, making Google Search Ads a powerful advertising tool for your business. The nature of search makes it hard to beat as a direct response channel, but you’ll want to understand how Google Search Ads work before getting started. ...
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Help! I Got a Bad Review Online!

Do I respond? The short answer is yes. With more and more people looking for new products and services online how you handle the good and the bad in the online arena is just as important (if not more) as how you handle it face to face. Information online is for the whole world to see.  ...
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What is SEO? How does it help Google understand a website?

It’s all just ‘semantics’ I’m told. When we ‘nit-pik’ or ‘get in to the detail’ in a discussion, that’s semantics; Googles quest for information, when it digs to very deep levels and interprets the signs and information provided to get a real sense of a websites purpose and intent. That’s semantics. ...
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