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We offer a variety of online marketing services carefully tailored to your business and your goals.

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Help! I Got a Bad Review Online!

Do I respond? The short answer is yes. With more and more people looking for new product and services online how you handle the good and the bad in the online arena is just as important (If not more) as how you handle it face to face. Information online is for the whole world to see.  ...
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What is SEO? How does it help Google understand a website?

It’s all just ‘semantics’ I’m told. When we ‘nit-pik’ or ‘get in to the detail’ in a discussion, that’s semantics; Googles quest for information, when it digs to very deep levels and interprets the signs and information provided to get a real sense of a websites purpose and intent. That’s semantics. ...
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Google My Business 2019 Guide: How to Optimise a Listing in 30 Minutes

Google My Business (GMB) is a must-have for every business. Having a GMB listing is the only requirement to appear in the three pack - the Google Maps snippets that appear in the search results page. ...
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Effectivness vs Efficiency with Google Ads

What is the difference between effectiveness vs efficiency when it comes to Google Ads? In this video, Kim talks you through what these mean depending on your objectives. ...
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Why doesn't my data match?!? Google Ads vs Analytics

So you're reviewing a campaign, putting together a few thoughts on how it went and you just can't seem to get the numbers to match up. Why won't clicks equal visitors? Why does Google Ads report conversions differently to Analytics? What is going on here. Which platform should I trust? ...
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Do your due diligence before investing in search

(Minor plug) I just did my first radio interview! And I wanted to expand a bit more on what marketing managers should take into account when first deciding to invest in search marketing. ...
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